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Why Digital Advertising

  • Digital advertising is the most accurate advertising of all other advertising media such as: billboards, radio, newspapers, flyers, mail or television distribution. Digital advertising allows reaching the most relevant target audience for the business both in terms of gender, location, age, character, interests and more.

  • Digital advertising is the most lucrative and effective in terms of recurring return of business profits after investing an advertising budget.

  • The main goals of Facebook and Instagram advertising are to retain existing customers and recruit new customers.

  • Digital advertising is tailored to the needs of any business whether it is push or pull advertising.

  • (Push advertising - advertising that is "pushed" in front of the surfer without him asking, it can be compared to advertising on radio, television, press. Suitable for businesses in the fields of entertainment, food, fitness and more. Those that stimulate the senses) Through Facebook and Instagram.

  • (On-the-fly advertising - this is advertising that the potential customer actually requested in advance, searched for it in Google for example: a customer who gets stuck with the car and needs a towing service. When the business is better suited for on-the-go advertising we will focus on advertising via Google).

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